The Next Great Wedding

After we got married almost 2 years ago, I said to Emily how awesome it would have been to have been a fly on the wall at our wedding. A guest. Last night we got that opportunity at Eric and Erika’s wedding. This time on the other side of where we got married, on the western most part of Maryland. It was tremendous. A 3 day party of friends and family and mega love. Mega love!We also had the privilege of officiating their wedding. It was an experience that can not be explained in words. Perhaps only second best to being married. It was truly a remarkable and moving day. We were so honored they chose us to perform it with them. And we’re so happy it went over without a hitch! 

Eric & Erika’s Wedding Lily In Cabin Playing With Mat

2 Responses to “The Next Great Wedding”

  • Hey guys!

    Just back from our honeymoon. Having you two officiate was one of the truly standout highlights of our wedding. Before we made that decision, it felt that there were other viable options. In retrospect, there really weren’t. You guys were perfect and capable and professional and, above all, people who care about us and our future.

    See you soon.

  • Wow, thanks Eric. It was definitely an honor and one of the awesomest and most special days of my life. I’m so glad you guys were happy with everything.

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