Top 10 Favorite Beach Boys Songs

What more can be said about The Beach Boys?

Brian Wilson was a genius. It’s a fact. Dennis was significantly more talented than any idiot critic could understand. Carl had the soul. And Mike Love, well he was just a dick. And no one is really sure what Al Jardine actually did.

Why Pet Sounds wasn’t larger than life is still beyond me. And why Smile has never been officially released as it was originally intended is beyond me. It’s simply a mystery of the world.

  1. Cabin Essence (20/20)
  2. Heros & Villians (Smiley Smile)
  3. Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Pet Sounds)
  4. California Girls (Summer Days [And Nights])
  5. Wild Honey (Wild Honey)
  6. Do You Wanna Dance? (Today!)
  7. Friends (Friends)
  8. Do It Again (20/20)
  9. Vegetables (Smiley Smile)
  10. Good Vibrations (Smiley Smile)

7 Responses to “Top 10 Favorite Beach Boys Songs”

  • I realize that lists like this are subjective, but my top ten would have to include “All Summer Long”. I’m not sure which one I’d bounce from that list, though, in order to make room.

  • God Only Knows is not on your list? I can’t imagine a list without that song on it!

  • Heidi, let’s hear your list!

    God Only Knows is great!

  • I always had a fondness for “Warmth of the Sun.” “All Summer Long” was ruined for me by a car commercial a few summers ago.

    “In My Room” was pretty killer, too.

  • Hey Mat! Nice list. Here’s mine in no particular order (of course this changes everyday just like any other “favourite song” list):

    Well, my favourite Beach Boys record ever is “Friends”. Every single song on that record can be on this list; otherwise…

    1. Surf’s Up- All of the studio recorded versions of this song always bothered me but his performance of this song on the Leonard Bernstein special in 1967 made me realize how incredibly beautiful this song is. If only they put that whole performance on a record, it would be the ultimate.

    2. I’m Waiting for the Day- My favourite song off of Pet Sounds. Sure that’s a perfect record, but I always look forward to everything when this one comes up.

    3. Please Let Me Wonder- Simple, sweet, and awesome. How I feel whenever I have an annoying crush on a girl.

    4. Don’t Worry Baby- From what I remember, it is the first Beach Boys song that got me into the Beach Boys. “She told me baby when you race today just take along my love with you/and if you knew how much I love you baby nothing could go wrong with you…”

    5. In My Room- Oh high school and college memories…

    6. Aren’t You Glad- from Wild Honey

    7. Forever- yeah, I know Uncle Jesse couldn’t resist remaking this and ruin the tune’s reputation, but it’s still an amazingly simple and sweet song.

    8. She’s Goin’ Bald- I wish they expanded this… the verse is too awesome

    9. With Me Tonight

    10. God Only Knows

    Have fun! Did you get the new Tape Op? There was someone who mentioned how great it would be to sit in during the 1967 Smile sessions to keep Mike Love and the record company from contact with Brian Wilson. Imagine what would have happened? It’s one of pop music’s worst moments… for those sessions to never ever come together is such a shame. Some things were never meant to be.

  • No one talks about the beautiful I Can Hear Music.It’s marvelous.Those Christmas tambourines,Carl’s beautiful voice,the record is magic.It’s what being in love is all about.I heard The Ronettes original The Beach Boys destroy it.There’s just something so special about that tambourine and christmas bells.Now,it remains a Beach Boys Classic,they took the song over.I just want to get a wife again when I hear that song.Thanks Beach Boys.I’ll always hear music.

  • where’s 409????????

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