Today, when I thought I was almost done with my hair cut, I was chatting with Emily about how I needed to trim my beard before the weekend. I’ve become a mountain man pretty quickly. So with out any hesitation our stylist asked if she could do it. I hesitated briefly, as what would she know about beards. But then again, I was the one who looked a little like a lumberjack – what would I really know. And with my cat-like reflexes I came to the conclusion that she was quite good with scissors. She was the Best of Baltimore’s Best Hair Stylist, last year. And scissors are scissors and it’s hair. And she knows it best. So other than a few moustache hairs that ricocheted in my nose and eye, it was the best damn hair and beard-cut I’ve ever had.

It was certainly the most educational cut I’ve ever had. Hands down.

And I can finally say I had my beard styled.

New and Improved Beard Cut

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