Lily’s Got A Big Ol’ Butt

Lily and Her Girth

While we love cloth diapering, the only drawback is that it surely gives our child a larger than average girth. It also explains why she is wearing 9+ month clothing when she’s just barely 4 months.

5 Responses to “Lily’s Got A Big Ol’ Butt”

  • Cory’s wearing much larger clothes even when he’s in disposables. I think it’s a conspiracy — everyone sizes clothes on the small size to trick you into thinking you can get more than two months use out of them so you buy a lot. Then, a week later, *bam* you have to get a buttload of 2Ts. It’s a racket.

  • but boy is she ever cute!

  • I second Heidi’s comment. Lily is a cutie.

  • I second Thud’s comment. Kids’ clothing sizes are inconsistant between brands and bear no relation to reality. Our kids were both wearing 6-9 month outfits at about 1 month, and weren’t all that big.
    Of course, we do like the baggy pants ghetto stylings…

    Conspiracy city. Just like everything else.

    This is why buying baby clothes on eBay and at Swap Meets is awesome. If you aren’t taking advantage of baby clothes swaps, you be illin’.

  • So far Bubbe has made clothing swaps completely unnecessary. I feel guilty for all the clothes Lily grew out of before even having a chance to wear them. But hopefully, Bubbe’s love of shopping for her grandchild won’t diminish as the clothes get bigger and more expensive.

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