Lily Has A Name Now

Aunt Kathi, Uncle Barry, Mat, Lily and Emily

Our Naming Ceremony for Lily was a success. Even after our Minister (and I) got sick last week, we asked our Reverend Father (slash Father In-Law) to step in. Reverend Bob was awesome. And it couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Whether she knows it or not, Emily is slowly becoming a wonderful Jewish mother and prepared enough food to feed that village we were talking about in the ceremony and it went over with out any hitch. Well, if you don’t count the minor spit-up halfway through the ceremony. And surprisingly we can have 45+ close friends and family at our house with no problem at all. We have all this space we didn’t even know it! Did we mention how much we love our house?

The one thing we learned was it was virtually a waste of time to mop the kitchen floor when ever having a party that has anything to do with a) outside or b) apple cider. Word to the wise.

Pictures are here.

PS. If you are hungry and need leftovers, please stop by soon. If you live too far away I will email it to you.

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  • It really was the perfect day. You are, and have, the perfect family. You provide the road map for what I want every major event in my life to be like. Thank you for being you. And thank you for having me.

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