Lulu Caught A Mouse

Finally Lulu earned her keep. I think she can stay.

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15 Responses to “Lulu Caught A Mouse”

  • i know nobody wants a wild mouse roaming around their house, especially when you’ve got a baby, but that is the cutest little guy i’ve ever seen! i feel kinda bad for him. alas, such is the circle of life, i suppose.

  • i know. it was a little sad. but if someone has to die for mat to find function in lulu and like her, then so be it. the smallest animal in the house loses, but for a noble cause. how machiavellian.

  • Can you flush mice and other small rodents down the toilet? I always thought the toilet was more for fish or bug type things… but mice?

    Maybe city rules are different but mice are backyard trash. Dead or alive. May I also suggest the garbage disposal.

  • Garbage disposal?? Ew.

  • Lulu should get a treat.

  • Yeah, the floating mouse is a little much for my delicate eyes. But garbage disposal!? Yowza.

  • Nice job, Lulu! Her eyes were totally dilated with excitement in one of those pics. So funny. I think we should start calling her Tom. Wrong sex, I know, but hey, she caught Jerry. She’s even the same color as Tom. A little surprised by the toilet, too . . .

  • Proper rodent disposal is always your neighbor’s trash can. Duh!

  • so, i think i read this post too late last night because i had a nightmare that my house was INFESTED with mice. tiny mice, huge mice, mice EVERYWHERE!!!! for some reason my dad was there and he was bopping them over the head with a frying pan. it was like a real-life (dream-life?) whack-a-mole.

  • Ooooh, saddest EVER! Can you actually FLUSH a mouse? Dang.

  • Of course. Why not? I assumed it was just like a goldfish.

  • There is a big difference between flushing a rodent and a goldfish. A goldfish is often a small animal with a slimy exterior, rendering it ideal for flushability. Carcasses tend to swell after rigor sets in, and a rodent’s diameter is much larger than a goldfish. A rodent has a furry coat which may hinder a smooth passage through a drain line and on to points beyond, especially if there is a large amount of residue build-up. It really depends on the size of the drain line and the amount of water pressure. If the drain line is small,clogged, filled with residue and Mickey is large and fully bloated, well, that is going to be one expensive and messy disposal.

  • Well done Lulu! Can you come over and teach my cats how to do that? Of course, ours are a little bigger…

  • I find it surprising and interesting that Lulu has a higher ranking than Frankie in the tag cloud. I guess she has been around longer. Perhaps Frankie should respect her elders?

    I also find it ironic that the costume purchased for Lily by Nanna was a pussy cat, given Mat’s known feelings about the species.

  • Lulu must have been really bored that day. Cats are silent stealth killers when they want to be. Congrats. Lulu.

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