IMAP + Gmail

Why does everyone any their mom have IMAP already with their gmail account and I am still waiting ever so patiently?! Screw MTV. I want my IMAP!

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  • I don’t have mine either. I’m waiting not so patiently. Logging in and out every few hours to see if it has shown up.

  • I just have registered for a new GMail-account because of imap. But even new users don’t get it at once )-:

  • Same story here. I’m eager to use a client-side tool with gmail!

  • No dice on my GMail account either. I haven’t checked my Google Apps set-up, though.

  • Only POP for me as well. I wonder if they’re rolling it out by account creation date? offering it to the first people that signed up… or perhaps by usage?

  • Be patient, Google will deliver.

  • I am also waiting, patiently at first … but my patience is beginning to lapse! It’s on my old account I don’t use anymore and I want it on the account I use! Please google!

  • If you’ve got control over the DNS records of your own domain (which you probably do if you’ve got your own domain), I’d highly reccommend Google Apps. You get the GMail web interface and junk filters, plus shared calendars, docs, chat, etc. and now IMAP.
    It only took me about 10 mintues to set up with site5, my host.
    Rock on!

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