Is anyone as excited as I am about the 2nd Season of Jericho? We’ve caught up with Season 1 this past week. 22 episodes and it’s pretty good. You know, for CBS.

3 Responses to “Nuts”

  • Yes, I’m very excited. Wish CBS would give us a date.

  • I’m quite excited. I bought Season 1 on iTunes this summer and watched pretty much the whole season on a bus to Mexico.

  • HA! joel and I are really excited about Jericho’s return!!! One of the few shows we watch (online, since we don’t have a TV). It was better when there was more potential for nuclear catastrophe than so much drama…but we’ll still be watching. I also CANNOT wait for LOST to come back. One night, falling asleep on my luver’s shoulder, I inquired “I wonder how everyone on the island is doing” AS IF they were relatives! I’ve just never felt this way about a TV show!

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