A House Full Of Vagina

Speaking of vagina, I just realized that our household has 5 vaginas or vaginae. That’s a lot of poonany.

4 Responses to “A House Full Of Vagina”

  • For more context, calculate the volume of said genitalia. Forget growth charts, this is a new millenia.

  • It’s probably better than the alternative…

  • Good grief man, how many women do you live with? You and Em did not strike me as the polyandry types.

    And still, the overstimulated internet types are still keeping my hits above 500 everyday now. dumbasses. I hope they like the looks of the inverted uterus. Seriously I am considering trying to get a copy of that last movie I watched in class…it will scare any chick straight into never having sex. We may convert to some type of religion when Chica gets older cause her sassy shit is already too much to take. I will be requiring some nuns, some kind of chastity belt and for her to never learn of her mothers past.

    Yay, vaginas.

  • Please don’t calculate the volume of my genitalia.

    Or is it genitalium? I only have one.

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