Baltimore Recycles

Finally Baltimore City has set up paper and plastic recycling collection to be on the same day! Yes we used to get our plastics picked up ever other Monday and paper every other Friday. What sucked was that every goddamn holiday happens on a Monday (but they are also moving this). So you’d be backlogged constantly with bags and bags of recyclables sitting in your kitchen or dinning room. We eventually started to bring our off-cycle recyclables to the gold lined streets of Montgomery County, where my parents live. They actually have pick up on their, get this, trash day. What a marvel idea.

So yes, Baltimore is finally getting it. Maybe people who thought it was inconvenient to recycle will do it now. Who knows, stranger things have happened, hon.

More information is here.

And this is an interestesting website from Sheila Dixon’s marketing machine:

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  • And they are taking plastics from #1-#7 now, not just 1 and 2:) Finally! Most of the things I get are “foodsafe” #5, and I have to throw them away if I can’t use them for something else. I’m very happy about this:)

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