The Granddaughter Of A Construction Manager

Today we went in to the Studios to meet with the electricians to go over the change orders. We had moved a few of the lighting placements. When we got there we noticed the HVAC van was there. It was good timing as we hadn’t seen where they were going to make the cuts in the flooring. We made some changes to their initial placements of the supplies and returns. We’re even putting a supply to the hallway and the bathroom. Sorry, no returns in the bathroom. Why I thought we’d need one was beyond me. Strangely, one of the HVAC guys looked like Terrence Howard. Spot on. I was beginning to think he was going undercover for a new movie. But maybe not.

So the studio floated floor is virtually completed. The studs for the lounge with the viewing window is completed. And the rest of the walls and floorings should be completed in the next week or two! I’l be posting pictures here.

This whole process is still entirely surreal. We’ve designed this project from the beginning. From nothing. From just a pipe dream in our heads to the computer. So we could raise a family how we wanted to and be sane with our 9-5. And now it’s real. Never have we designed something that was made in to the tangible form like this. It’s always been designed in computers and typically stayed there. So needless to say it’s overwhelming and amazing and all that jazz.

But above and beyond, we’re getting there. And for real this time. None of this “waiting for permits” bullshit.

I also spent a few hours last night figuring out all the mic tie lines and patchbays. Setting that stuff up drives me nutty. But once it’s in place, my life is a helluva lot easier. Thank god for normalization in patchbays. Luckily my friend who was Head Engineer over at Clear Channel DC when I worked there is helping me out with the audio wiring. Otherwise I’d be lost. He’s a godsend and super nice. Speaking of which, if you or anyone who know is looking for a superb audio engineer who has extensive experience in radio, please let me know. He’s the man.

Oh and the title of this post. Lily pretty much fell asleep to the sounds of hacking up metal studs and the HVAC guy using a Sawzall to cut through the floor. It sounded like a construction site slash warzone and it was music to Lily’s ears.

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  • Have you ever thought of dropping something in between the wall with your name, life story and the date on it? I always thought it would be cool to find something like that in the walls of my house so if I ever get the chance I’m going to put one in mine. It’s like having your own time capsule that will hopefully be opened in the future by people you will never even know.

    I dunno. I thought it would be cool.

    That’s a pretty cool idea! I did something like that in our old house in DC… I just wrote my full name and the date behind the mirror…

  • Must… see… pictures…

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