let x=x hat check clerk

katherineheigl (20k image)So after the camping experience Emily mapped out a route to take outside of major highways and so we could travel to different states together. We drove thru Vermont to Massachusettes to Connecticuit to NY. It was beautiful and quite scenic. We also couldnt take the tunnels in to the city (nyc) cos of our camping gas. We made it in to Manhattan around 4pm and met up with Annette and Billy to get the key to their apt in Brooklyn. We then took the key to shower and get ready for dinner. We had dinner and looked at lots of their funny wedding stuff. Then we colapsed and slept.

Friday morning we got up and went to J&R’s electronics cos B&H was closed for the Jewish New Year. I got a new traveler’s backpac for my camera gear and emily got one too. Now maybe she’ll take more shots. I also got a new strap for my Pentax 35mm. Then we made it to Irving Plaza in time to check out the Thrill Jockey show. It was kinda boring and there were so many bands and the bands we wanted to see didnt go on until after 12.30am. And we needed to get back to Rye in order to make the train. So in the end we left. We missed Daniel however. There will be a next time though. We walked back to Grand Central and took the train back. Saturday was full of shopping. Emily bought me a new suit! Emily and myself looked for new shoes but found no luck. Pooh. I got to get some new cds from my favorite NYC music store: Other Music (www.othermusic.com) including: T Rex’s Zinc Alley and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow; Esquivel!’s spaceage bachelor pad music; Patti Smith’s horses; Laurie Anderson’s big science; John Zorn’s first live masada; and Kraftwerk’s trans eurpoa express. Dinner was with the cousin’s in Rye for Rosh Hashana. So much fun is always had with them. And Emily got along great with them, again! Yeah! I want to be back on vacation. Now. I miss it.

P.S. Vacation Detail in Colour.

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