2007 – At A Glance

JanuaryTurned 30. While getting older isn’t as bad as most people make it out to be, the facials were splendid. Thanks to my wonderful wife Emily for throwing my first ever surprise party!

February – Almost got scammed out of a few grand on craigslist.

March – Started chronicling the bands of my past. Chose a contractor for the Studio. Little did we know we would fire him later.

AprilReviewed my first record.

May – Started drinking bourbon. Had our last vacation as a family of two.

June – We were hurt and mortified because a family member induced needless, cruel and unsympathetic stress on us. Lily Doria arrived shortly after with our arms and minds wide open. She certainly lightened the mood.

July – Upgraded to the D1X and captured my first spirit. Lily had her first smile.

August – We became Reverends. I was not sued because of my business card title. Saw the Police.

September – We married our two good friends. Broke my toe. Yes, the pinky toe.

October – Lily was officially named with all our close friends and family. I played a show with David.

NovemberDemolition at the Studio started with the new and awesome GC.

December – Lily discovers the bouncer. Stockhausen dies. Christmas with the whole family is a success. Selma Hayek!

Happy New Year.

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