search engine queries used to find my site this month

bjorkass (11k image)bjork ass
olympus mons
as kisses go it wasn’t anything
haircut mons photo
www.white francis
kool and the gang’s celebrate lyrics
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how can import listerine pocket packs?
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james mp3 sometimes lester piggott
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josie and the pussycats cd cover jpg
i only live in that one moment in which you die
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carrie zander livejournal
superpowers lyrics dismemberment plan every night
narcissistic pd internet use pictures

By chance or not, that first one cracks (no pun intended) me up!

:: favorite osbourne
34% :: jeffery
22.7% :: ozzy
20.4% :: sharon
11.3% :: kelly
09% :: jack
2.2% :: joan

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  • How odd that i would be listenting to kool and the gang’s celebrate as i was reading this post. I wonder if it was me who was searching that?

    Oh well. Welcome back!

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