The Studio – Before And After

The Studio - BeforeThe Studio - After

The Studio – Before and After. I like the white molding way better than the purple/pink nastiness. I painted the studio yesterday as well as the hallway. It’s crazy to think it’s taken 2 weeks to get to the color. And now we’re rolling. Prep time is crazy tedious. Especially when you don’t always have Nan The Babysitter every day and we have to trade off during the week going in to paint.

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  • i’m so confused by these photos. did you move the door to the other side of the room? and what about the ones from the other day? did you straighten out the wall?

  • very nice choice with the five panel doors. also, i love the use of bold colors. have you thought about a career on hgtv? i think paige davis is looking for a new costar.

  • heidi – yeah, they aren’t side by side photos. in fact they are in different directions. the yellow picture is actually a new double wall with the new room (the lounge) behind it.

    the picture on the left – the wall was demolished and we reconstructed a double wall at an angle.

    i’ll do more accurate side by sides when it’s all done 😉

    dave – thanks. we really tried to uphold the 1890’s feel of the building. so far so good. thanks for noticing.

  • Looking forward to seeing this when it’s done!

    And I think you’ll have the market for artists looking to record in turn-of-the-century studios nailed! 😉

  • This looks great! I figured since I didn’t hear from you guys about needing any help over the weekend that you’d gotten a lot of stuff done during the week, but wow, I’m impressed! I’ll have to come by and see it all in person sometime soon.

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