if you didn’t do drugs, you wouldn’t like that band half as much

flips_wide (21k image)This whole week has been a whirlwind of craziness. Wednesday one of the production people here at work sent an email to the whole DC Market which basically killed our email. It’s still fucked up. Which is making the company loose thousands of dollars. And putting me behind on my thousands of sites i run. I am already behind. Overworked and underpaid. But Daniel and myself are getting together this weekend to create great music. Which is a good thing, cos Emily has her pussy party at Lara’s place that day. Speaking of Lara, she finally broke it off with her boy. It sucked it didnt work out, but that boy didnt have his priorities straight and it fucked over Lara. Which was pissing everyone off. So we are happy and rather proud she finally broke it off. She’s better off. Wanker.

Last night after work I helped Lara pick up a kitchen table she bought at Pier One in Laurel. It was nice. Green on the bottom and yellow on the top. Emily would have loved it. I looked up the stats on it and it said it was 35 pounds. But that couldnt be the case. It was mad heavier. But we got it in her house and she treated me to Chik-Filet. And i got to drive the Hot995 van. And EVERYONE honked at us. Everyone. Freaks!

daniel.: he just made another blanket type statement that i didn’t understand, and i wanted to find out what he meant….
mat: where?
mat: i dont see it
daniel.: no, i meant the one i questioned….which started this mess…
mat: it was a good point tho
mat: and a fucking good tour!
daniel.: hehe…i liked what they did.
mat: yeah, i was completely blown away
mat: they sorta unintentionally revolutionized live music since what pink floyd did in the 70s with those 1000s of speakers
daniel.: you want to have ten million of their babies.
mat: i’d fuck wayne
daniel.: hehehe…..you’re a gay.
mat: hahaha
mat: a gay!
daniel.: 🙂

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