384 Soldering Points

Last night I got to the Studio at 7.30pm. Of course after hitting up Home Depot for some seriously cool metal self-drilling screws. They were for the mic panel boxes that have been living in our interim studio gear depot. Also know as the dinning room. Each bolt holds 50lbs. So each box with it’s 4 screws now can withstand 200lbs. of force. Hit me with your best shot.

So after some chit chatting with my friend Greg (who helped me with all the soldering), we started using power tools to drill larger holes in the back of the steel plates. That, yo, is satisfying work. After the boxes were all drilled and mounted, we started the soldering process. Greg took the termination panel and I took the inverse 4 mic panels. One by one we both soldered the 384 soldering points.

I walked in the studio at 7:30pm. And I walked out at 7:33am the next morning. It was my first all-nighter since probably college. So here I go again. With about 45 minutes of sleep. It’s a medical marvel I am still upright and married.

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