another schizoid ambelism, hopefully they will learn

imagine it in silver - yamahajunior (8k image)Today was a fun day. A fun day to say the least. I woke up with great rest with Emily. I had some orange juice she bought me, cos i am a bitch and always complain there is nothing to drink at her house. So she indulged me and pampered me a little and got me some good ol’ OJ. Yeah Emily. Then we took her recylcing out and moved some stuff in to her car for Salvation Army. Then we started to build a shelf that we got at Ikea. Just about half way in to that Daniel showed up as planned. But a little earlier than planned. I didnt realize how close he lives. Much better than Philly now! So we finished that up and parted ways with Emily.

Daniel and Mat’s first stop was in College Park. We went to Atomic Music. Each time i go there, there is more space and more crapola. This time they took over the bank that used to be there next door. We looked around and played with a Moog Opus 3 and made fun of all the neckless guitars. You know the one the dude from Dire Straights used. So, yeah i’ve been in the market for buying a new kit for sometime now. And they had this beautiful orange/yellow Ludwig, from the mid 70s. It had like 6 toms though. And they wanted 1,100 for it. It was a good deal, but i didnt want to spend that much money on something i’d only use 1/3 of. So i reluctantly passed on it.

Then we went to CDepot next door and picked up a few CDs. I got Frank Zappa’s LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA vol 1&2, T. Rex’s Electric Warrior, and GodHeadSilo’s the scientific supercake lp. Almost got the reissue of Ziggy Stardust, but i have to budget myself now.

Then we drove back to Rockville and braved the nasty Pike and hit Guitar Center. We hit the drum room and right there in the back room was my dream kit. I dont like big drums. I like just a few pieces. This kit was perfect. A standard floor tom as bass drum a tiny snare, floor tom and tom tom. The bass drum even mounts 6 inches off the floor. It was blue however. It was a nice color, but not something that yelled out at me. Then i contemplated it and decided to talk to the sales dude. He was an idiot of course, but explained to me they had other colors and he said the golden words. “It comes in silver, too!” I was sold. So against my better judgement, i bought myself a new drum kit. Luckily it didnt cost an arm and a leg. I guess there are benefits to buying small drums. I bought myself a Silver Yamaha Manu Katchu Junior Kit. I am in heaven. Finally i can sell my old Pearl kit with some cymbals and stands, and I will prolly break even with this kit. My new baby.

After that (like good sex), it was time to eat (So to speak). So we headed to Yuan Fu’s and got some grub. But it was time to rock. So we came back home and put on new heads on some of our drums and played dueling drums for a little while. Then we finished up the new/last song on MONSIII which wasnt expected on the first take. All it takes is a little cheesy beat and some BIG MUFF distortion and you are set. Then we watched some Trading Spaces and played some more drums and then Daniel headed back. I will prolly got back downstairs for a bit in a few to finish up that track with some bass. It’s just such a good feeling playing drums again. I litterally havent played a full kit in over a year. That is bad. But now it will be good and my legs and arms will be strong again and hopefully i will get in touch with Bo and maybe we can rock next weekend.

Emily is out with Lara and Laura and some other people at the Pussy Party. They are having Sex Toys Terry over for basically a Tuperware Party, but for sex toys. A genius idea. So i dont even know if i will see Emily tonight. But it might be better if i dont, cos i am all allergied up. But i am taking my homeopathic drops that seem to help. At least a little. So it’s off to the studio for Mat.

Later for you.

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