was sold for more than Bear Stearns

  • Eagle vs Shark was mad super cute
  • HVAC inspection: passed
  • Electrical inpection: passed
  • Occupancy Permit: pending thursday appointment with the City
  • Final painting touch ups are commencing this week/end
  • Lisa rules as a rule
  • The period (.) was so last year
  • The Swizz Army is my new best friend
  • So is pepperoni
  • And 365 Organic Chocolate Truffles
  • Lily is scooting backwards now
  • And has a 2nd tooth coming in
  • We’re doing a photo shoot on Thursday
  • It’s been a while since we’ve last done this
  • We’re excited none the less
  • I tried twitter again
  • I forgot about it after that
  • was sold for more than Bear Stearns

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