Occupancy Permit: Check.

Oh no! But YAY!

We got our Occupancy Permit for the Studio. It’s the last in a series of seriously too many pieces of highlighter green pieces of paper with sign offs for how we are progressing. A la HVAC, Electrical, plumbing, etc. So yes, we can occupy our space now. Legally, or whatever. It’s awesome, yet it’s kind of daunting. Now we actually have to, you know, run the business.

And worst of all, we have to part with our beloved Foreman. He’s been amazing. More than amazing. He went above and beyond many of times. He knew our concerns and he dealt with them as any professional  should. Anyways. We, luckily, have an addendum to our project. It’s a smaller “room tuning” project. So we don’t have to say goodbye yet! We really don’t want to see him go. We’re going to miss him.

And now this timely article really hits home.

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