For Annette

We’re still alive. Thank for asking.

And I just upgraded WordPress to 2.5 and so far I am loving it. We’ll update the Studios’ site later. There are rumors there might even be a redesign!

So we’ve been finishing up the crazy painting. Who’d have thunk it would take a month! But everything is basically done except for the ceiling touchups in the studio, the lounge’s second coat and the trim and color in the vestibule. In the meantime (and for my sanity) the gear has been coming in and that has been occupying my time. My patchbay is going to rock the house. And my processor workflow will be the best ever. Ever!

Today, Al helped us move a bunch of furniture in. It’s really starting to come together. It’s becoming more and more real everyday. And we see the dolla… I mean, light at the end of the tunnel.

How are you doing?

Smooches to you and yours.

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