Lost in Lost

Is anyone else getting a little bored with Lost?

I want answers. I am getting a little impatient. This is the show I’ve watched the longest. Yes, even longer than Melrose Place! I feel like if it’s not over by the next season and there aren’t serious answers, I might have to start a new show.

On a side-TV note, I am really loving this 30 Rock show. Tina Fey is my new hero. At least her character. You dig?

Time to slide the TV back in the closet.

3 Responses to “Lost in Lost”

  • I’ve been angry with this show from the first episode. It’s tacky and the solutions will never live up to expectations, and it has too many inexplicable extras (who obviously spend their time on the island wisely, by getting tanned).

    But I can’t stop watching. Haven’t missed an episode yet.

  • Be calm the last three shows of the season are supposed to make our brains explode with goodness.

  • I’ve been saying “this is my last episode” for about 2 seasons now. I felt so free when I stopped watching “24” in the middle of the second season. Why am I still watching this crap?

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