i fell in to a burning ring of fire

ananova (15k image)I think it’s incredibly funny when my mother gets flustered when talking to my sister and switches back and forth between addressing her as, “Matthew” then “Lizzy” then “Matthew then “Lizzy”. I guess she’s finally going senile. But she repented today and i did not. I will burn in hell.

– The days are getting shorter and shorter which makes me sad.
– People are posting like nuts on the bbs. thanks to daniel for that mad cool chess move.
– Speaking of chess, Sebby is posting on the SCUG message board.
– Silver Sessions will rule the world in due time.
– Football is on right now and i virtually understand it.
– Laura’s mother brought me fresh teas and a tea dunker.
– She rules!
– I paid the Comast bill over the phone tonight.
– I was late on a payment.
– That is bad!
– Badd.
– Feetnik is buying some bad cool green shoes.
– On Sunday, Emily and her family and myself are planning an escape plan for when the time comes.
– With all things considered this isnt the craziest thing to be doing.

Beeork: you could run into bjork
mat: yeah, and i dont wanna break her legs

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