I last restarted The Acorn (my MacBook) 10 days 22 hours and 58 minutes ago.

When was the last time you restarted?

But on a side note (and to lift the spirits of kids still on the Windows OS), I just found this Robert Smith quote that couldn’t be more true to life:

“If Morrissey told me not to eat meat, then I would eat meat, because I hate Morrissey.”

3 Responses to “Uptime”

  • Windows doesn’t have a counter, but our main PC is a 24/7 affair. I only restart for service updates, once every two weeks or so. Works fine in the interim. But as mentioned before, I rebuild it every 18 months.

    (I also has other problems with hardware that require it to be a 24/7 machine, but that’s a different issue. Lemon from Dell.)

    But I shutdown the laptop every night to save power.


    Okay, I have no idea what you are saying about the computer stuff, but holy cow, I hate morrisessy. He sucks. bleck.

  • lol! I thought I was the only one who hated Morrissey.

    You’ve been tagged! 😛

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