Rainy Meme Day

Joanne added up two meme’s and being that I’m working with an artist’s math skillz over here, I’m not gonna mess with the 14 Random/Weird/Quirky Things list.

  1. I, for the most part, stopped biting my nails (once Lily came) – but if I get stressed enough, I can tear them all off in minutes.
  2. I know how MP3 compression really works.
  3. I am shy.
  4. I am the only person on the block to take out the trash the night before.
  5. I constantly monitor the local and east-coast weather.
  6. I won a Pinewood Derby once.
  7. My father was the Cub Master. But I quit because I didn’t like the word “god” in their motto.
  8. I would rather use a trackpad (only on a MacBook) on a desktop computer than a mouse.
  9. I sometimes miss working at DC101.
  10. I rarely floss.
  11. I wouldn’t mind retiring as an elementary school teacher.
  12. My ears hurt sometimes after listening to over compressed radio for long periods of time.
  13. I like the sound of CDs equally to that of vinyl.
  14. I like my parents, a lot.

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