your site is very cool. regards, zoltan.

zoltan (18k image)So i asked the boss yet again for a raise. I also handed him a tangible reason. My sister recommended me making a quasi-resume of all of my acheivements since i started working at DC101 and i think the boss really liked that and was impressed. So he is going to talk to his boss tomorrow or next week and will let me know. So who knows. I have a better feeling this time through, but only time will tell.

After work and the nasty fall traffic getting home I got home to Daniel waiting on the front porch. We watched some Revenge of the Nerds on AMC and surfed a bit and then went to the Mat-Cave (a la Skylab). Procyon is almost done. We layed some more drums down after a few takes. Layered it with some big muff distortion and some mxr bluebox for the bass drum. It was almost complete, but more parts were appearing in my head. Tamborine would sound cool. How about a mallet part here. What about some vibra-slap?! Ok, i nixed the slap. That would just be wrong. Hell, this aint no Cake record.

So we decided to tackle the tamborine part at two sections. First was the silver tamorine. That gave Daniel a blister, so he moved on to try on a gardening glove (aka Michael Jackson circa 1983) but that gave him an ever more nasty blister. So we tried some different tamborines and even tryed delay. We slowed the track down. We even hooked up the Linn Drum (drum machine) to accept a pulse to trigger the tamborine sound. Nothing seemed to work. So we called it a day. We’ll finish the cut later this week. Goddam that tamborine. Bless those tamborine players and Clarence Clemmons.

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