Crazy Uncle Mat

It’s official. I am a blood uncle. I was uncled before, but it wasn’t by blood. Not that it matters. But it’s a little more official now.

My sister had her child this morning. 6 lbs. 7 ozs. And beautiful, happy and healthy.

His birth was not unlike Lily’s and it was fun and nostalgic to think we were just about ready to go through it all a year ago. It feels like ages ago. And Lily is just about ready to start thinking about walking!

2 Responses to “Crazy Uncle Mat”

  • AHAHHAHAHAHAHA…on more person converted into our nefarious baby making cult. Another sleep deprived diaper changer to join our ranks!

    Gah. I think I got six hours, off an on last night…

  • Pass along congrats to Liz!

    Must have been something in the water 10 months ago, I’ve know four people with shorties popping out within the last week or two.

    Re: walking, for what it’s worth the crawling -> walking transition is a lot easier from a parenting perspective than the stationary -> crawling transition.

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