Day 2: Potty Success

Day Two: Strangely a success. We put her on the potty this AM and she peed. We’re not getting our hopes up, but I guess this is a good sign. Time will tell.

4 Responses to “Day 2: Potty Success”

  • Lucky! We brought home the toilet seat for Dot a couple of months ago, and so far all she’ll do is sit on it occasionally. They’re starting training at daycare tho, so I have hopes.

  • Sweet! You might get lucky… D had a week of using the potty constantly, then got bored, and now it’s six months later and we’re still “transitioning” out of diapers. L was a lot quicker. Saving money on diapers is awesome, so best of luck!

    Incidentally, I completely misread the last sentence of E’s post as “They’re starting training at daycare tho, so I have herpes.”

  • This is a great time to put a newspaper or other reading material in her hands and take pictures of it. It makes a child look sophisticated beyond all belief when people think they are reading on the toilet.

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