Sharing Is Caring A La Jane

I don’t know why, but I feel like sharing, like Jane.

  • Sometimes I don’t like sleep as much as most people do. I feel like I could be getting stuff done during that time. If given the opportunity to eat a pill that would take the place of sleep (with out any side effects, of course) I would take the pharmaceutical company up on their offer.
  • I like a lot of pop music: Justin Timberlake (or J.T. as we say around the house), Shakira, Letters to Cleo, Avril Lavigne, The Cardigans, Lisa Loeb, Jellyfish and the Posies.
  • When I worked in radio, I looked forward to every day, even though I got paid 1/2 of the industry standard for my craft.
  • I saw Pearl Jam last weekend at the Verizon Center and it rekindled a flame for them that I never had. I never really got in to them, but for some reason they are speaking to me now.
  • If I could eat anything all day, it would be Amy’s soy cheese pizza, Whole Food’s Chocolate Soy Milk (not the new organic kind, just the normal kind) and Mom’s mandle bread with chocolate chips.
  • Emily and I talked about being famous and rich last night. We felt I could handle the fame as Emily said I was “grounded.” I guess I agree with that statement, but I am not sure I would want the attention. I go back and forth depending on the circumstances.
  • My first concert was Poison. I went with my father and I am proud of it as I was rarely ever embarrassed by my parents.
  • I lock my car door at least 2 times. Sometimes 3. And I check the Studio’s front door at least twice before leaving.
  • Two weeks ago I had over 11,000 emails in my inbox. Today I have 9. I finally let go.
  • I used to think I was going to become a serious drug addict and was going to die in the gutter. The Basketball Diaries really messed me up in High School.
  • Sometimes I like animals more than I like people.

3 Responses to “Sharing Is Caring A La Jane”

  • We’re starting a “sharing is caring” revolution.

    I wish I could sleep as much as I like sleep because I like it a lot and I’m really bad at it.

    And you are already famous. I promise.

  • dennis and i have discussed fame… we decided that the best scenario would be to be a one-hit-wonder. that way, you get the glamor and glitz for a year or so, then disappear and no one really cares anymore, and your more-than-likely to be left alone. if you save all the money, you’re pretty set. that would be our plan. =)

  • It is strange to aspire to the depths of humanity when we are young. I never promised you a rose garden made me wish I was schizophrenic. crazy.

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