bjork’s whiney ass

polka01 (14k image)kat writes::
So you know, there’s music out there that all your friends just adore, or you keep hearing that they are the next big thing, or the critics just love them….but you just dont get it.

Who are those artists that you wonder, “Gosh, what is everyone thinking??”

i reply::
dude, it’s all rigged anyways…is all i have to say

what is big, really is not…

listen to what YOU like…

but do watch josie and the pussycats, cos it presents a wonderfully tainted yet quite real view on the recording industry…

and dont read glamour magazine for that matter

and for the record, i hate guitars more and more everyday…

and i think sigur ros is interesting as well at esquivel, too


ps. and i still don’t get bjork nor morrisey’s whiney ass
pps. and it makes me not like it that much more, when people think “i should” like bjork or who ever cos of my “diverse” interests
ppp. fuck that and them
ppps. and and and…

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