masturbate for peace

masturbate_wrestlers (17k image)Top Reasons to Masturbate for Peace

10. It’s too hot to go outside and demonstrate
9. If you go blind they can’t draft you
8. The walls need painting white anyway
7. This is my weapon…this is my gun…this one’s for shootin….oh, never mind.
6. If you want it done right you have to do it yourself
5. All the lube will give you a baby-soft dork
4. It may be the only “peace” I’ll be getting for a while
3. If you use your left hand, it feels like someone else has joined your cause
2. What else am I going to do with the 80 GB of porn on my PC?.
1. Because I can’t give myself a peace blowjob

10 Bumper Stickers
10. Solve global issues with a tissue
9. War’s no joke, stop and stroke!
8. Pull together for peace
7. Send your little troops into your hand,
not a foreign land
6. Abuse your middle piece, not the Middle East
5. All we are saying, is give peace a wank
4. War is out, pound your trout
3. Touch your sack, not Iraq
2. My bush doesn’t declare war
1. I cum in peace

Shit is incredible. Why can’t people just chill the fuck out. Bush is an Osama. Plain and simple. And Israel needs to back the fuck off.

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