Out Of Control

So check this. I am pretty much a homebody. I don’t typically prefer to go out. But…

Wednesday: Date with Em at Brewer’s Art – Show with David Byrne – Drinks with Mark after

Thursday: Baltimore City Paper’s Best of Baltimore Party with Al (holy Smaltimore. Could I have seen more people I knew there?!)

Friday: Panelist at the BMC (bmcon.org) on Recording Techniques – See our neighbor read her poetry at Entangled: Art & Love and view art – Dinner after with Al.

Saturday: Panelist at the BMC on Recording with a Shoestring Budget – Hip Hop Showcase with Al is on the table.

What’s amazing about this is that I, for the past 4 days did things outside of the studio or my house. It’s uncanny. I can’t remember the last time in 2 years doing this much! It’s tiring, but exciting. Not to mention I’ve put my business card in so many people’s pockets. And better yet, I’ve actually heard from a bunch of them.

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  • HEY.

    So we were invited to that best of baltimore city paper thing by Courtney who knows Em. Smalitmore indeed. I wish I had gone. No sitter, D’s working..blahblahblah.

    I could use some night life.
    ps. lilysitters is cute

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