Did I Mention

Did I mention that when changing the temperature, either in the car, home or studio, the number has to be even? It has to be.

However, odd numbers are ok, so long as it ends in a 5.

There, I said it.

6 Responses to “Did I Mention”

  • I, too, suffer from this, but in the car. If the volume on my car stereo reads “7” or “11” I become about ten times more accident prone.

    It’s some OCD thing. It has to be. One of these days I’ll connect it with my constant impulse to wash my hands every 15 minutes.

  • My alarms are always set to a time ending in 3 or 7. Has been ever since summer camp in 6th grade.

  • i can’t stand to have my alarms set at the hour, half hour, or quarter hour. i have an aversion to the number five. usually the numbers on my alarm add up to be either 4 or 11.

    chadwick picked up my obsessions/aversions when we lived together the first time, in the summer of ’98. who says that crazy isn’t contagious? 😉

  • I have sorta the same thing going on. Numbers have to be even for me, but if they do happen to be odd, as long as they end in 5 or 7, I’m good.

    And I hate the numbers 3 and 6. I just do. But I love 7, 14, and 21….

    Oh, the wonders of obsessive-compulsive disorder….

  • Thats EXACTLY what I do ! when i’m changing the volume on the TV, it always has to be in fives lol

  • Um, numbers are just a figment of our imaginations and are only meaningful if we give them meaning. that being said, I have always had an intense dislike for the number 25 but thats really it.

    OCD is kooky. x

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