off to the beach – be back on sunday

two strikes.  one more and i'm out.  spineless (9k image)Shantytown 2002 was yesterday through this morning. I got close to 2 hours of sleep. Needless to say I am delirious. I get delirious every time you’re near. It was mad fun as long as I stayed far from the serious rednecks. I did have a good time playing “bar-tender” for some of the night, when not taking pictures.

And an open letter (rough draft) to the General Manager (who has been rather inefficient with hooking my ass up with a long over due raise in January and now) of the 5 radio sations I work with:


I just wanted to thank you for listening to me last week about getting a long over due raise.

You mentioned that you said I could get a raise as well as a bonus starting in February 2003. Can you give me more details in writing about this? I do trust you, but 5 months is pretty far away to wait on something that I know nothing more about. And you did mention something about another way to boost my salary effective sooner by working in overtime through my paychecks, but still working a normal work week. If this is possible please let me know how and when this can start.

As you know, I asked Mark for a 10% raise back at my one year with Clear Channel (Jan 2002). I felt I deserved a 10% raise once my duties doubled at that point as well as performing with superior performance for a full year. And in the 9 months since then my duties have been that much more intense and beyond the call of duty. So I asked for a 15% effective immediately just 3 weeks ago. 10% for Jan 2002 and 5% for what’s I’ve been doing since and what’s to come.

I just feel, like we spoke about, that I should be compensated for all of this overloaded and super saturated work. I do understand about helping the whole of Clear Channel, and I totally support and back that view, but I think it should work both ways. There are many jobs out there that I have passed up due to my loyalty to DC101, but I cant tell you how long this will last, unless my salary raise happens soon.

I hope the Job Accomplishments Resume (here at Clear Channel) that I wrote up for you and Mark explained this a little more. Let me know if you need me to send this to you again.

Thanks again for your time and I hope to hear back to you soon.



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