dirty dee, you’re a baddy daddy lamatai tebby chai!

om_buttons (10k image)This weekend me and Emily went to Ocean City to hang with her mother and Joe at the condo she got for a few weeks from a friend. It was nice to get away and chill on the beach and have dinner with them. At dinner on Saturday night we finally got to talk a lot with Joe. He’s an interesting man and I wish he’d talk more about his life. But before dinner me and Emily loaded up with a few cameras each on our backs. Emily took the 6×6 Yashica and the Lomo and I took the Nikon SLR 35mm and the Digital. We went to this amusement park on the boardwalk and took pictures and just walked around to smell the smells. That and dust off a few rolls of film. We dont go out taking pictures that much, but when we do it’s just great and free form. I did a great series of slow sync shots of the Carosel. I think I took 30 shots for that one. We’ll see how it turns out tomorrow.

and there was this loud rhythmic sound coming from their room…

Sunday we talked with Emily’s mother about how it’s kinda wack that she’s taking 40 different pills everyday for her “medical conditions”. Sure i am sure a lot of them are needed. But shit. That’s just not smart to do. But she wasnt being that intuitive and didnt really get what me and Emily were geting at. Emily’s mother is a lot like my Mother’s father. Stubborn to the bone. No doubt about it. So who knows. Then after we both couldn’t take anymore about her health and pills and what not, we headed off to the GAP outlet and shopped a little.

Coming back I talked to Christy on the phone. She called me the night before but i didnt get back to her. She actually met up randomly with a band I played drums for briefly back in college at a bar in NYC. Totally small world. I caught up with Adam later tonight and he told me all about his promotional tour (how he met Christy), his distribution deal for his record that he’s gonna send to me and his dealings with Def Jam, etc. It was crazy. They were such fun guys to hang out with and play music. I am beginning to miss that time in my life. My friends were pretty damn cool. But then again, I like my life much more now. Regardless, it was some good times. Hopefully when they come through DC with the Judybats we’ll hang out. Mad props.

And what’s up with this Sniper in DC? Shits be fucked up. Wanker.

why can’t you think out of the box

And yeah. Pooty Tang is the best movie ever. Ever.

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  • you know who to call if FW actually does ever come back round to DC. I’ll go see some Mr. Bill bang the drums woith you. Awww.

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