Flood The Tree

So today was pretty good. We got 5 of our 6 things done today.

We decided to do all our holiday shopping locally. So we got kiddie toys at Amuse in Fells Point and the rest of the older-people toys in Hampden. There was this one store that had free books with a purchase at the door. They had “The Joy Of Cooking.” Amazing how we were just talking about picking up a copy. Perfect timing. Oh and of course we ended up picking up a few pieces of art. Totally funky and cool and our style. We’re total suckers for good local art.

The only thing we didn’t do was to pick up Lily’s pink Chuck’s in Canton. But we’re going to do that tomorrow. Yay Chuck’s on kids!

Tomorrow I’ll be spending a lot of the day mixing my latest project I’m producing. Then I think we’re going out with Brian and Minu for dinner. After that I should be heading to the Metro Gallery to check out a Beechfields band. Anyone wanna go?

PS. Our tree flooded today. All over the living room and in turn, the basement. Our poor basement. I am not sure if I just put too much water in the tree or our funnel thing isn’t working. This is reason #1 that a Jew is not supposed to be doing this. I light candles and fight/run from oppressors. It’s what we do.

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