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Last night Daniel came over and i slutted him out for his xylophone action for a few hours. We tried so many different ways to record the xylophones and we never even got anything layed down to tape that we even liked. But in the end between running mics up stairs, running mics thru toy walkie talkies, running mics thru cell phones, in closets, other room’s corners, showers and what not, we finally ended up finally getting the right sound we were looking for. But of course it’s not complete. We still have to get the part down to tape. Soon enough. Spoon enough. But best of all we got complaints from the neighbors about the drum playing prior to the xylophone rocking. It’s on tape and you’ll hear it on OMRIII. Yes.

does it make you want to cry, & you’re still being followed by the teenage fbidaniel_xylo (12k image)

—Final Letter to the Biggie Boss
Hi Bennett-

I wanted to thank you for speaking with me last week about my receiving a salary increase and bonus. The purpose of this e-mail is to make sure that we�re on the same page in light of our discussion.

As we discussed in our meeting, you noted I would receive a raise as well as a bonus beginning in February 2003. Could you please provide me with further details in writing (through a formal letter or informal e-mail) as to how this would play out? In addition, you mentioned a way to boost my salary in the interim was to compensate me for worked overtime hours while only working a forty-hour week. I�d like to confirm that you still plan to initiate this and receive in writing when this will begin and what the compensation will be.

As a reminder, I asked Mark for a 10% raise at my one-year anniversary (January 2002) based on superior job performance and an increase in responsibilities. I was denied that raise based on budget cuts. Three weeks ago, after a year and a half of service to Clear Channel, I asked for a 15% raise effective immediately, again based on superior job performance and an even further increase in job responsibilities.

While I understand the industry and Clear Channel are going through tough times and budget cuts, I believe I have gone above and beyond the scope of my position in my abilities and dedication and deserve to be compensated accordingly. I�d like to work together to meet halfway by implementing the above discussion points. However, if this isn�t possible, I will need to be fair to myself and begin exploring other opportunities.

Attached please find my �Job Accomplishments.� This document explains what I have accomplished while at Clear Channel/DC101. Please let me know if you need a more detailed explanation of any of these points.

Thanks again for your time. I look forward to receiving a response from you in the next week.


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