where i am now

mat_mirror_long (21k image)Sometimes i wonder:

  • why do i come to work each day
  • why is it that i run a record label
  • why is it that i spent 4 hours last night finding the “right” sound for a xylophone
  • why people need to have excuses to “party”
  • why i am a party pooper
  • why celine dion is
  • that i am proud i dont need to lie on my resume
  • that i know that answer
  • when i’ll get that raise
  • why i hear things people dont
  • when they’ll hire someone new
  • if i’ll ever get married
  • why i have two frogs in an aqarium on my desk
  • if people will buy our buttons
  • if people will buy my records
  • if my car will explode today
  • if i will take a dump
  • about harmonics
  • what’s going on in boston
  • what’s going on in indiana
  • why i never went to australia
  • why we need guns
  • how sweet it is
  • about john
  • about all the drugs
  • about all the lies
  • about all the fun
  • about all the loss
  • about all the need
  • about all the want
  • about all the lack thereof
  • about everything i have now

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