and then there were five

pudding tastes goodTop Twenty Things Scaring the Shit Out of Me, Right Now:

1. That bobble-head Ludicris video

2. Pentagon City Shopping Mall

3. Dry skin

4. Age

5. Self-inflicted double chin

6. Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer claymation, always in the back of my mind.

7. Biological and Chemicals warfare descriptions I was proofreading for Sig last night.

8. Q fever; VX

9. Money

10. Stuff Magazine?s 100 Hottest Women of the Year

11. Too much and too little

12. Monsters

13. Carrot Top

14. Alone in Southeast, at night, sitting, slumped over the steering wheel

15. The ability to hear through walls

16. Typos

17. Monkeys with sharp teeth

18. The elderly eating bananas

19. Avocados

and, last but not least?..

20. Celine Dion, she looks like a teaspoon.

In other really funny news, Heather and I were discussing if there were a Cock Pudding, what flavor it would be. I say pistachio, she says chocolate. I think that?s just cause she likes chocolate cocks.

Oh, Mat, the google hits you will take for that one!

I HeathDogg should stick her fingers in Bill Cosby?s chocolate pudding. Super Yum.

Also, I have made up names for what the Bush Cabinet memebers bands would be. They really should start rock bands. I will mail you a list of them, if you ask nicely.

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