and i do realize

lips (18k image)It’s kinda interesting when you start mixing. All sense of time is erased. Especially when you are doing little to nothing at work. It’s not to say i am not busy, it’s just more busy work than work. I’ve been doing the same stuff for ever now. And when i mix, i loose all sense of reality and sense of life. It’s not to say i am lifeless and dead, it’s perhaps just the fact that i enjoy mixing like no other. I can mix and loose everything that is around. I can focus. I can be. And it’s not like i feed dead, but everything else around me is dead for that precise moment. Perhaps it’s me being vain. Perhaps it’s my god given right. Perhaps it’s a way to vent. Perhaps it’s all just a big excuse to not talk to anyone. But when it’s a good mix, then i just want to share it with everyone that will listen. It’s moments like these that i wish i didnt have to sweat just to get gas.

And it’s moments like these that make me want to go to the Flaming Lips’ site and just watch all 11+ of their videos all day. There is something so incredibly amazing about Wayne and his boys that create music. There are very few bands on a major label (or indie label, for that matter) that ooze creativity and do something outside the box of rock and roll. Never has there been a band in this generation that has mixed music, with different media outlets, with art, with film, with sound, with love, with everything in to such a wonderous something. I am sure Wayne would never want to be president, but i think he’d do a helluva lot better job than mr. wanker we have in the oval office these days. And hell, it’d be one great party. With one great soundtrack. We need more innovating people like Wayne. He reinvents and should inspire all that is not lifeless and dead.

Yeah, i am feeling a bit in a rut lately. I have all these tools. But i feel overwhelmed with getting stuff done. I want my damn record to get done. I want it to be on the shelves. I want orders to be going out right now. But this isnt the case. It will happen when it does. And actually it’s not too far. I just want to live on the moon.

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