lyrics “bwp” is the pussy still good to you 1-10

i wish i had something to say - slizzy (17k image)things mat did this weekend, in no particular order

-mixed a buttload
-decided to cut one track from the record
-but did really good mixing for procyon
-enjoyed my new remix hi-hats
-sold another cymbal on ebay
-watched a show on mount saint helens
-did a little bookstore shopping with emily
-looked at cindy sherman books
-got a book on 80s NYC (mainly black brooklyn) culture
-got a book on darkroom principals
-shopped at anthropology
-went to fresh fields for dinner
-had bagels and lox with the family
-got more halloween boxers
-watched more tv
-it was
-had cake and icecream at emily’s father’s place with nan
-the carrot cake was splendid
-emily finally took her cat nip home!
-tried to feed it to mulligan but she was more than uninterested
-more than uninterested in coming back to work today

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