can you hear us pumping on your stereo?

supergrass. (17k image)you can’t go home again…unless you do. which is what i did this past weekend. i haven’t been back to philly since i’ve moved to baltimore. it seems like it’s been much longer than that, though. things have been going pretty well. i was skeptical at first. but things are really turning out well. i know i’m happier than i’ve been in a long time. and i guess that’s the point.

mat and i have been working on his album. it’s a funny thing. when we first met, i never thought we’d start doing all of this. i’ve been in so many bands over the years….sat through hours of useless bullshit….measures and measures of tired music that i could never get into. none of those bands ever went anywhere because i never really gave a shit about them. the music was always slightly off the mark of what i really wanted to play. the bands that did let me do my thing always flaked out at some point…..because….well, because they’re musicians. we’re notorious for being moody and hard to get along with. which is true for the most part.

the thing is, though, you always hear about those stories where one person finds his or her other musical counterpart. the one who wants to play all of the things the other one is thinking about. and there really isn’t that much discussion about it. it just happens. you don’t have to say i want “this.” because the other one is thinking that, too. and yes, it’s somewhat chessy to say…but i mean it, so screw you. mat is this other person for me.

and so when i realized all of this, i decided to pack it up to give it a shot. which is why i’m here. and i know that it’s the best decision i’ve ever made. and it makes me happy. and when i talk to people back home in philly, they hear this in my voice. so when i go home for the weekend, things are really good. it’s good to sit in a bar with my brother and drink good beer…and talk about really good beer. because there’s no one else i can do that with. and it’s good to go home afterwards and talk to my folks like i really hadn’t left at all. and just sit there and talk shit. and it’s good to get a call from a friend who wants you to go back out again that same night to another bar. and you’re so happy that you go. and you sit and talk about her crazy life and she laughs because she thinks i’m different….but in the best possible way. and then we both go home with liquor in our tummies.

that was pretty much how the weekend continued. it was good to see all of those people. it was better than when i had left. so i wasn’t sad when i left again. i now know that i made the right decision. things are going to be rough….i start school in a week….and mat and i are trying to get the release out by the end of the year. but these are all things that i want. and they will happen. and this may be the first time that i have been able to sit here with a goofy smile on my face. because soon you’ll hear us on your stereo….and maybe you’ll come to one of our shows. and that’s how it all starts.

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