cameron diaz’s eyebrows or like thereof bothers me

Ricky was a young boy, He had a heart of stone. - <br />
windowpaint (10k image)” HEIGHT=200 WIDTH=150><b>S</b>o there was another shooting this morning.  What the fuck?  This dude has got to be stopped.  And this dude should be sentanced to life in prison with Celine Dion as his bitch.</p>
<p><b>N</b>othing really new is going on.  Work is the same old.</p>
<p><b>L</b>ast night I had dinner at Emily’s.  It was asian night.  We had dumplinings, asian brocolli, and miso soup with tofo.  It was yummy and i cleaned up the dishes like i always like to do.  Then we talked about what colors to paint the house.  It’s all very exciting.</p>
<p><b>S</b>peaking of exciting.  <a target=_blank href=Emily is famous.

Last night driving back to my house I put on Trans Am’s latest CD. It always happens when i hear them that i realize that Silver Sessions can and will happen with Daniel. And it will be better than anything you have ever heard. Now we just need a bassist who can also hit keys on a synth and some tunes. Bo? Where the fuck are you? Have your people call my people. Let’s get it done. And yes, Daniel is my music life partner. Hurrah! And yeah, that new Trans Am CD is incredible in the car when played really loud. This CD never really sat well with me at first. They always reinvent themselves and did so a little too much on this one and it didnt set well with me at first. Luckily it’s rocking me hard right now.

WMasterDC:: hey listen, i was wondering if you could possibly secure me a ticket to incubus on the the 23rd…

Top Ten Investment Ideas by Mat::
01 Cisco
02 Nasdaq-100 Trust
03 Intel
04 Sun Microsystems
05 Texas Instruments
06 Microsoft
07 Oracle Corp.
08 Nextel Communications
09 SPDR Trust
10 Applies Material

PS. New opening graphic with the Def Leppard font!

:: the dc sniper?
52.6% :: the cunt
21.0% :: political quack
15.7% :: a quack
05.2% :: bin laden
05.2% :: a terrorist
00.0% :: hate crimes

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