anna, you kill me over and overYesterday was an Important Day in the Lives of American Youth

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was wet behind the ears, she was bored, she was cynical, she bit her nails too much, she spent too much company time on the Internet.

As of yesterday, this girl was one year older and none the goddamn wiser. This girl’s been writing at O-M for 1 year. She still bites her nails, she’s still bored a lot of the time. Things don’t change so much as evolve, and for that, I’m glad.

A year has meant increased responsibility, five to ten gained as she rots in front of the same computer screen. A year has meant more file space on the company server, flashing diamond rings, new homes (um, once or twice, moving is a hobby!), square tofu-chicken, mended hearts, new snakeskin shoes. A year has meant trips to England, Alabama, Missouri, North Carolina. A year has meant sitting in the Dupont Circle sun, jamming out to Dismemberment Plan, two car accidents. A year has meant happiness, drunkenness, little intimate, personal sadness; much long-range human suffering. A year has meant people come and gone, layoffs, planes in buildings, powder in envelopes. A year has meant rediscovering what was important at age 13, what was important at age 16, what was important at age 20, what is important at age 24. A year has meant worried sex and cookouts, holidays with new families, the smell of food in the microwave, 401k options and health insurance. A year has meant warm kisses, fishing in the ocean

Being mostly a cynic, I find it bizarre that this year, regardless of historical events that tore through everyone, regardless of the fact that Senor Piehole has been nominated our President, this year has been chock full of good, ole-fashioned lovin’. This year has meant making a difference in one little boys life, and him making a difference to me back, even when his one-year-old puke runs down my shirt every Sunday afternoon. This year has meant more and more shiny rings on fingers of friends, this one year has meant the birth of Anna Kate. A year has brought me a whole new family, a family that is fun and kind and likes to bowl and go to thrift shops, so I hope they let me stay in their lives for a long time.

Also, at the risk of this becoming a run-away yearbook entry (OMG! U R so cool, stay SWEET. C ya this summer, LUV COURTNEY PS I LUV _ _ _ _ _ _, YOU LUV _ _ _ _ _ _!!), This year has been a lot about new friends. So, whatever happened to the oldies-but-goodies (Miranda, Kristen, Opus, even JessJessJessica), I thank them, and for the stalwarts (Daniel, BEBE, Al, Zac), I thank them, and for the newish-comers, I thank you too.

And then, there’s Mat. I don’t thank him one damn bit. Not at all. Not a smidgeon. Not a teaspoon. Not an iota of an iota. Fight the powah. Kazaam.

I never said I wasn’t a liar

Anyways, to Mat. Our future’s so bright, someone get us those goddamn shades.

A good idea right now would be to click on the ‘archives’ button above, and go read some of my old stuff. Cause back then., I was much, much more interesting. Contentment kills things.

I love you,


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