1072 records were added, 136 duplicates were found

statetrooper (14k image)So maybe i am a conspiracy theorist. Ok, that’s a lie. I am a conspiracy theorist.

Similarities: Montgomery Alabama. Montgomery County. Tacoma Washington. Takoma Park. The list goes on…

O.K. Maybe i have a little too much time on my hands. But at least they have a suspect. Go figure the dude is ex-military. I was thinking on the way to work about what if there was no military. How would things be different? First off there would be no wars. We wouldnt be bullying every country that picks up a rock. Goddam, this country bothers me more and more and more with it’s current Presidential Administration. And what’s up with Bush getting this 37 Billion Dollar approval for Military Funding for the budget. That’s the most since Regan was in office. Fucking ridiculous. And we still have a problem with illiterates and a poorly funded arts program in public school nationwide. And what a great time for homeless people that was during Regandaze. Remember before Reganomics there was no such word as a “Homelessman” – It’s not to say there were no homeless people, but i think Regan just f’d it up even that much more. Fucking wankers. Regan and Bush should just move to Texas and should suceed like they have wanted to do for ages. Wankers!

And today was kinda neat seeing the TV cameras and antennas driving to work. I pass the Rockville Police Station every day. Today they had it cut off to the public. Good for them. Get this case solved and put to an end, so me and Emily can go to a fucking movie without fearing for our lives. You free tomorrow night Emily? Wanna go out with me? Speaking of downtown Bethesda and going to movies. Yeah, I really do miss taking Metro to work (at Discovery Channel in Bethesda, where i used to work a few years ago) and braving the beltway. Too many people freak out about the traffic. Who the fuck do you think you are thinking you are too cool to sit in traffic. Like people really care if you are in front of your web cam or not. Sheya.

chappy:: BTW, while we’re all waiting… the slowdown on any of the doamins using the 151 subnet are experiencing *very* heavy traffic. CCIT is dropping a new box in to handle the load.

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  • get a copy of the washington post– sig is on the front page photo in the background. go go super overtime!


  • yes!! it’s a date! i’m yours for the whole night and we are going OUT on the TOWN!

    elle… is he the guy with the glasses and blue shirt behind the people handing out photos? sig is famous!

  • ever see the greatest american hero?

    that’s him,

  • yep, that he. whoooo hooo,maybe his 90 hour work weeks will end now. til the next thing happens.

    not all press are evil.

  • hey don’t forget about George W.’s anti choice tactics…. shudder… what a fuck head he is~
    great post though… conspiracy theorists rule the lands man.

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