bring on the major leagues.

millions now living will never lounge. (21k image)i‘ve been slacking on my writing duties here lately. things have been pretty crazy. all of a sudden i have things to do. how nice. but i get in a slump where i have a lot to say….and no motivation to say it. but i’ll give it a shot.

mat and i are hard at work trying to get om records going. he FINALLY finished his album….you know, that thing he started three years ago. so he and i are going to give it an official listen this friday night. emily is also working on the om recs site….and it’s looks so damn cool. she works wonders. you’ll all be really impressed. last weekend, mat and i sat down to try and start working on the live thing. he bought an amp a few weeks ago…..and now we have full rawk powar. it was a little strange when we first started. my arms are out of shape from not playing every day like i used to…so it took about an hour before i was warmed up. but after a while, we got into it. we found the groove….mat busted out the vocoder while i pounded out the drum ‘n bass. it’s funny….i know neither of us were consciously thinking about it….but we sound a lot like trans am. i think this is a wonderful thing. so it’s all coming together. you’ll hear it soon enough.

i had my first class tonight. today was pretty hectic. i went into work around 7:30am….worked my ass off until about 2pm, and then things started to slow down. i left around 3:30pm and fought traffic on the beltway to get home. why the hell is there traffic on the beltway at 3:30pm!? this city is so ass backwards. anyway…i got home, cooked dinner real quick…and then got back on the road to be at class by 6pm. i was nervous as hell. i knew there wouldn’t be any pressure…but i haven’t stepped foot in a classroom for about 2 years. a little scary. but it rocked. i learned so much tonight…and we really didn’t do a lot. i’m really glad i got into this program.

oh….and i went on a date monday night. when the hell did i get a life?

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