we are going to rock aim with our poodom

i shit you not - e-pood (13k image)Session Start (AIM – mat:oilcantim): Thu Nov 07 19:52:24 2002
oilcantim: wow, spoon sound really british. but they’re not.
oilcantim: that’s such bullshit.
mat: do they have bad teeth?
oilcantim: hmm, lemme check
mat: k
oilcantim: i dunno, only one of them is singing
oilcantim: so its hard to tell
mat: are they greasy looking?
oilcantim: the lead singer’s teeth are very nice
mat: would they taste good with pam nonstick frying pan grease?
oilcantim: and his hair is very on-purpose unkempt.
oilcantim: probably!
mat: then they are good in my boob
mat: or book for that matter
oilcantim: haha
oilcantim: everything’s good in yer boob
mat: that too!
oilcantim: the song was good, though
oilcantim: very kinks-ish
mat: yeah, i like their cd
mat: at least the greenish looking one that feetnik bought for me
oilcantim: the one with the hands reaching for something unseen?
mat: i forget the title
oilcantim: oh, the greenish one.
oilcantim: they so fooled me with their fake britishness.
oilcantim: i feel violated.
mat: dude, ever hear guided by voices?
oilcantim: good point.
oilcantim: but he sounds *fake* british to me.
oilcantim: so i can deal.
mat: pretty much so
mat: they are from ohio or something
oilcantim: and plus bob pollard is badass and 1/2
oilcantim: so it’s okay
mat: most bobs are bad ass, cos one more “o” and they are a boob
oilcantim: hahahaha
oilcantim: if only there was some kind of operation for that.
oilcantim: turning bobs into boobs
oilcantim: the world would be so much happier
oilcantim: we would never run out!
mat: i wish!
oilcantim: a virtual plethora of bob boobs!
mat: a urethra of a boob!
oilcantim: woah.
oilcantim: that is frightening.
oilcantim: and yet… oddly titilating.
oilcantim: how do you do it??
mat: i think you need to pay something lots of pood.
oilcantim: interesting…
oilcantim: i have no idea what pood is, but very interesting…
mat: i will explain
oilcantim: please
mat: well, according to emily, it’s the combination of the words, pooh and food – but i have yet to achieve full poodom
mat: sorta in that interim of an entity
mat: it’s not really food anymore
mat: but it’s not quite pooh
mat: it’s a highly scientific process
oilcantim: pooh as in the large bear who enjoys honey?
mat: i think you need to go to summer camp where they make flux capacitors for fun to FULLY understand it
mat: pooh as in what comes out of your pootie shoot
oilcantim: i so want a flux capacitor.
oilcantim: oh, okay.
mat: i think emily can make one
oilcantim: so the stuff in between?
mat: as she is master of her own poo
mat: and pood
oilcantim: can i worship her?
oilcantim: because that is awesome.
mat: i think she’s expects it
oilcantim: where can i sign up?
mat: well she’s running for dictator 2012
mat: just follow her in to the light in 2012 ans drink the coolaide
oilcantim: i’m so there
mat: get your pood on!
oilcantim: pood to the max
mat: pood the extreme
oilcantim: pood 24/7
oilcantim: i pood her all the time
mat: pood. little. (relatively) brown. (sometimes) smelly. (all the time)
oilcantim: pood is so fascinating.
oilcantim: its like poop, but more socially acceptable.
oilcantim: sort of like methadone.
mat: it’s like douche…you feel better after one
oilcantim: hahaha
oilcantim: i’m sure i would
oilcantim: i feel better after saying it
mat: good…
mat: this is the first step toward poodom
mat: or so i am slowly learning
oilcantim: is it like a 12-step program?
oilcantim: or is it more like buddhism?
mat: yeah, it’s more like a pepsi
oilcantim: oh, that’s easier.
mat: much
mat: cos money is exchanged
oilcantim: and i have that, but not much enlightenment

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