remember, he does have a 3″ penis

why cant this dude just fucking let shit go?  especially when it's all untrue. goddam quasi-baggage that exists in people's minds just blows me away.  it's not like any sc fans even care about it anymore.  - doughnut (39k image)So what the fuck is up with the company i work for? They audaciously ask us to take off work last week to do shit with the USO. Then we dont get off for Veteran’s Day? What kind of fucked up shit is that? Makes me sick. I did like the 10 minute drive to work today. That was cool.

So this weekend was a fun weekend indeed. I finally got to meet Ely, Daniel’s friend Heather, Candy (is that your *real* name?), and John’s boyfriend Anoki (ahn, noh, kee). Friday night me and Emily got up to Philly around 10pm. Pretty much just got room service and then crashed. Oh and Emily jumped on the bed a little bit prior to sleeping.

Saturday we got to the Mutter after a quick bite to eat at a corner deli. We were the first to get there as we were pretty early. Daniel showed up shortly after and then John and Anoki. Anoki had this great Mother Mary belt. Made me want a Jesus belt like no other. And it was just so good to see John after almost 2 years. Can you believe it had been that long?! John is just so down to earth and has the best sense of style ever. Music, clothes and elsewhere… The M�tter was great as always but it would have been nice to see the Iron Lung like last time. Saturday night we went to the Apple Chinese Vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown. It was yummy and they played Chinese Lou Rawls instrumentals. It was great. It was greater than great. I thought i was brewing up a good pooh there, but nothing ever came of it. Poo. Then after that we headed to Bob and Barbara’s near South Street. This was were John and his group perform. It was great looking at all the Pabst Blue Ribbon memorabilia as well as checking out the Leslie speaker they had there for the jazz band. And yeah, the conversation was great too. It was great to just chill and chat and chat and chill with everyone. Then me and Emily came back and exchanged our one year anniversary gifts. I got this great Lomo 3-d camera that is just unreal. It takes pictures that work like a 3d viewmaster! So excited and Emily knows how much I like pocket watches, so she got her Grandfather’s pocketwatch cleaned up and gave it to me. It’s wonderful.

Sunday we went to Rx or Hx or Px, or whatever the fuck it was called. Since our Nazi friend Ashely, the girl who was a complete putz on the phone who took our reservation did it right we had a good time. Did that make any sense?! What a horrible sentance. I cant talk, but feel it dumb to fix a sentance regarding Ashley. Who’s pretty much on par with the real cunt. Anyways…even after dealing with Ashley and her cunty ways we still got the table for 12 and we all ate like kings and queens. Their turkey sausgage was savory. Their OJ ruled and Zac’s mix, “The Shittiest Music”, that was distributed to the group was a nice treat which may be adapted to an OM tradition. Thanks Zac. The lego maniac.

During the rest of the day we just walked around South Street (like i reckon everyone does when they are not from the area) and shopped. I picked up a few CDs at Repo and Spaceboy Records. They included: Brian Eno’s another green world; Two Dollar Guitar’s weak beats; SonicYouth/icp/TheEx’s in the fishtank; The Raymont Scott Orchestrette’s pushbutton parfait; and Galaxie 500’s copehagen. I also picked up a framed Loverboy plaque and some random glam metal 12″s for my roomate. Gotta hook up the roomies. Or something like a hook up. I guess it’s all relative. Regardless, we did a lot of shopping and talking and walking and it was great.

opusmo: Yeah, I would totally [also] make sweet love to Mark [DeGliAntoni] if I dug dudes.

Oh yeah, and pictures from the weekend are up.

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