(bonimoe) wait – did I answer the other question?

i love this band.  soulcoughing_yellow (3k image)Everything is fine, fine, fine.

So let’s recap.

I first heard Soul Coughing the winter of 1994. Me and my friend would email Doughty. Or maybe i just did it vicariously thru my friend. Well anyways, we’d email Doughty and he’d send us back emails saying the email was drugs and we should roll up the email and smoke it. It was rather funny at the time.

Yuval hit me like a ton of bricks. The drums were there. On the beat but sometimes slightly behind. It was uncanny. It was real. And the drums sounded like drums.

This other dude played shit on a keyboard i didnt understand. Or more of the fact that i just didnt understand how he was doing what he was doing with the sampler. It sucked me in. His name was Mark Degliantoni.

Sebastian Steinburg played the double bass. He was a supreme man. He was the man. He played a double bass and you cant deny the force of that. It was bombastic. It was that Jaws tshirt he always wore.

And last but not least was that enigmatic singer/talker, Sir Doughty. He spoke, he sang, he beatboxed. He gotta thing it. He was true dreams of wichita.

After seeing saw Soul Coughing for the very first time in 1996. I believe the day before Irresistable Bliss, their 2nd record came out. I was supposed to see them play with Shudder to Think the year before, but i missed it.

So after that Summer 1996 Soul Coughing show i was set for the rest. I was addicted. Full-on.

I started chatting with the guys before and after shows…learning about who they played with and who their influences were. Eventually i got the gig with Warner Bros. Records to do their site. It was great. I cant even recall how many shows I saw in so many different cities. Free merch up the wazoo. Guestlisting and photo passes. It was Mat’s wet dream as it was Mat’s favorite band. It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you keep focused and persevere. Getting calls from Mark at 2 in the morning. Getting french kissed by their virtual mascot, Gentleman Jim. Smoking pot on the 50 yard line at WHFStival with Sebby. Talking about drum and bass with Yuval. Talking with Lars about studios and playing live.

A few years later the band broke up. It seemed to be inevitable. But all great things do have to come to an end. The public knew one thing. The band knew another. And a few others too. It’s too bad some of the people dont talk with others anymore. It’s too bad one member attacked me and another guy who did a website, after all we did. It’s just a shame and so sad.. But so be it. I moved on. And I still talk to the remaining people from time to time and eventually will be putting out a record with a few of the former members.

In other news, yeah, I am totally waxing nostalgic, obviously. I am totally getting in to Soul Coughing again. They are my new favorite band again. Listening to all those great KCRW shows where they appear to be totally getting along. Listening to the 2 Meter Sessions from Amsterdam from 1994. Yum. Perhaps I will dive deeper in to more anecdotes in the future.

In really other news, I got nominated for an AIR Award for DC101. The AIR awards are basically the Grammy’s for Radio. So we’ll see if i win it. In any case, it’s an open bar and food for the night. Cant turn that down. Hopefull Elliot wont embarrass me too much at our table.

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