larsicm:: i’m bringing in my megadeth cd

what's up with pocky!  dude.  prince_pocky (12k image)I sure do a lot of complaining about my job. But in fact i prolly have the best job ever, at least in this point of my career. I can basically come and go as i please. I can come in at 10am and as long as i get all my work taken care of no one cares. I dont wanna brag here, but sometimes it takes writing about it to get it in your head. Cos i do complain a lot. But who gets a photo pass (let alone getting paid) to shoot Jane’s Addiction or Aerosmith every day?

And what is it with this new Kid Timberlake song. I hate to admit it, but i sorta like it. The drums just fucking kick ass. It’s weird hearing an über-pop song with drums that sound like drums. Sure it sounds just like a Prince song with Sheila E on drums from 1986, but it’s a good immitation. I just cant believe i’d like something from a dude from that shitty ass boy band. I am just thinking of a relationship to the Beatles. Not that i could EVER in god’s good name compare Kid Timberlake to even Ringo’s smallest dingleberry, but i am seeing a few relationships. The first being the fact that the Beatles were a boyband in the begining. There was no doubt about that. They were groomed to make the girls swoon. The Backdoor Boys were the same. No doubt. And of course the Beatles were innovative, talented and smart enough to grow out of that and put out great serious music. And i am not saying that Kid Timberlake is putting out great serious music. It’s obvious the Backdoor Boys havent. But the fact that he put out that single and it kinda kicks is a good thing. Ok, i cant believe i put Kid Timberlake in the same paragraph as the Beatles. I think i take it all back. And yeah, he’ll prolly disapear in three weeks. Gotta love the �ber-pop world.

lolydanis: it sounds like he did to you last night
mat: totally
lolydanis: eh, i’m used to it
mat: i was like “what crawled up your ass”
mat: it was that badger!
lolydanis: hahahahahahaha
lolydanis: THAT was funny

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